Spiral Paper Tube

Sundeep Bobbins gives you access to the finest range of paper spiral paper tubes including DTY, POY, FDY, Lycra Paper Tubes, and Non-woven Paper Tubes. Our spiral paper tubes are made using the finest grade of paper and the latest in technology. We are the manufacturer of choice for diverse industries including Textile, Food & Packaging.

The Sundeep Bobbins Difference

Sundeep Bobbins has carved a niche as a distinguished paper tube supplier in India and the rest of the world. Some of the reasons that set us apart from all competition include:

  • A wealth of experience catering to diverse requirements for paper tubes of all types.
  • Supply security – We always deliver on time and serve customers across the globe
  • Flexibility/Customization – We cater to your unique requirements
  • Cost-effectiveness – All our premium quality spiral paper core products are competitively priced
  • Consistency – Standardized manufacturing processes assure you of consistency in quality
  • New products and process innovations

Polyester Oriented Yarn Paper Tubes (POY)

Sundeep Bobbins is also a leading manufaturer and supplier of premium quality Polyester Oriented Yarn paper tubes. Our solutions are highly-durable, top-quality, and feature an outstanding finish. They can be customized to meet your unique needs.


• All kinds of Polyester Oriented Yarn (POY)
• Raw, Dope-dyed
• Dull, Semi-dull and Bright
• Round and Trilobal cross-section

Salient Features

• Dimensional stability for automated winders
• Auto doffing efficiency over 99.5%
• Smooth surface for complete unwinding of yarn
• Excellent horizontal strength to sustain yarn tension and package weight
• Excellent vertical strength to eliminate damage during transportation and auto
• handling
• Excellent tail end efficiency
• Round edges for smooth unwinding
• Bleed free Parchment paper for easy identification
• Recyclability

Full Drawn Yarn Paper Tubes (FDY)

Our range of spiral paper cores includes fine quality Fully Drawn Yarn paper manufactured using high-quality raw materials. FDY is characterized by large paper tube packages and heat set yarn. Sundeep Bobbin’s range of Fully Drawn Yarn paper tubes can be customized to meet your specific requirements. It finds common use in different applications.

FDY Paper Tube Features
• Dimensional stability for automated winder.
• Auto doffing efficiency over 99%.
• Smooth surface and round edges for compete unwinding of yarn.
• Special top layer papers and adhesive to prevent tube bursting at start up.
• Excellent horizontal strength to sustain yarn tension and packaging weight.
• Excellent vertical strength to eliminate damage during transportation and auto handling.
• Modern technology for consistent location of notching at string up.
• Low tolerance in dimensions.
• Bleed free colored parchment paper for easy identification

Drawn Twisted Yarn Paper Tube (DTY)

Sundeep Bobbins is a trusted manufacturer’s and supplier of sturdy drawn twisted yard paper tubes in a range of lengths, diameters, and thicknesses.  Apart from being highly-durable and cost-effective, our range of DTY paper tubes present a range of other great features including:

  • Optimum strength
  • Dimensional stability
  • Diverse finish options
  • Excellent perfomance for optimum productivity
  • Smooth transfer of yarn
  • Suitability for high-speed winding
  • Tear resistance and uniform thickness

Application Areas


Textile Mills

Min. ID: 57 mm


Max. ID: 69 mm


  • Paper or Labels or different colors can be applied
  • Printing of inside or outside wraps can be done for advertising or identification