Sundeep Bobbins caters to all your product protection, transit, and warehousing needs with premium quality Paper Edge Protectors. We serve industries such as furniture, textiles, sheet metal, building materials, chemicals, doors, bearings, brewery, paper and newsprint, marine products, domestic appliances, and fruit exports.

Edge Protector Applications

Some of the common applications of our paper edge protectors include protecting products during transit and storage. They also help get stable storage and stacking for diverse products. Paper edge protectors from Sundeep Bobbins can be customized to meet your specific requirements such as cold and humid storage and coil protection.

Some of the common variants of paper edge protectors that you can get include:

  • Side protectors
  • Wrap around edge protectors
  • End protectors
  • Angle protectors
  • ID protector
  • Vertical protectors
  • OD protectors
  • U-profile protectors